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Have you ever heard of the Indian Cave in Blaine TN? I have made many trips there, but one time I decided to mount a GoPro knockoff to the front forks of my motorcycle. The video came out unstable as the ignition from my bike messed with the recording. However, the trip is beautiful and fun. Amazing what you can find on a backroad just down from your house.

Indian Cave In Blaine

My reason for making the video was for a video diary for my daughter after I die. This would give her the opportunity to go back and see some of my adventures and the beautiful scenery I have witnessed. I have driven almost all over the United States at some point or the other. However, there isn’t anything like experiencing the open road on a motorcycle.

The Journey To The Indian Cave In Blaine

From the community called Halls Crossroads, it is about a 20-mile trip to the Indian Cave in Blaine TN. Although, there is a more direct route going down Route 131, Emory Road towards Corryton Tennessee. However, it isn’t as scenic or as fun as taking some of the more winding backroads. There are some less adventurous people that want to take the fastest way to any point. Then there are adventurers like myself that realize, it isn’t just the destination. The journey is just as important if not more so.

Indian Cave In BlaineMy travels took me down Maynardville Hwy, to Browns Gap Road. From there to Tazewell Pike to Ridgeview Road. Next was Maloneyville Road that intersects with McGinnis Road. McGinnis cuts across Washington Pike where I turn left onto Bud Hawkins Road. There is short left on Roberts Road to continue onto Bud Hawkins. Taking a right onto Fulton Road, which changes into Hogskin Road. Hogskin Road goes by the House Mountain State Park entrance.

Turning right onto Idumea Road from Hogskin, it intersects with Rutledge Pike/Lee Highway. I had to take a left and go down Rutledge about 500 feet to take a right to continue on down Idumea Road. Idumea ends into Old Rutledge Pike. I love this little area because many people just sit outside and they will wave when you go by. Taking a left from Idumea onto Old Rutledge, I come up onto taking my right onto Richland Road. Richland runs into Indian Ridge Road which by taking a right, takes you to Indian Cave Road. This dead ends into The Indian Cave, a landing out on the Holston River.

What Is The Indian Cave?

The Indian Cave in Blaine Tennessee, actually has a bit of history to it. You will find it in Joppa Mountain. It was used in the 1700’s by the Cherokee Indians. Indians were removed under the Indian Removal Act of 1830. In 1869, a former Confederate General, Robert Hoke purchased the cave. It was developed as a commercial attraction in 1916, and officially opened as a public attraction in 1924. The cave was officially closed down for good in 2010 due to deteriorating conditions of the cave and lighting systems.  It is now known by many as the abandon cave.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the cave entrance was used by a French Trader who traded with the local Indians. A Cherokee village was located just west of the main cave entrance. TheyIndian Cave In Blaine were later pushed out by encroaching Anglo Americans. The Donelson Party, traveling the Holston River, passed by this cave in 1779 to settle present day Nashville TN. Even Daniel Boone was a visitor of the area once.

There have been remains of cane torches and other artifacts that indicate prehistoric indigenous people living there. In 1983, remains of a human skeleton were discovered and examined by the University of Tennessee. The remains were dated to be approximately 3000 years old.

Tourist Attraction and Now

The Indian Cave in Blaine TN is highly remembered as a tourist attraction. I even went there in 2006 and paid $20 for me and a date to walk the mile and a half trail into the cave. There is an end to the cave, kind of lightly tapers to a blunt end. Of course, there is a lot of bats in the cave, and with bats, you get bat guano. The cave was once a mine for bat guano, which guano is a part of making gun powder.

There was a stretch of gift shops and even a small resort down the path to the cave. Included was an old stage coach. The cave itself had a string of lights that lit the path. It was a really easy cave to walk, very big and lots of room. There are creeks that run all through the cave, but easy to navigate thanks to some man-made walkways and bridges. Deterioration, vines and Kudzu now cover all the buildings. Actually, the entire area is a layer of Kudzu. There is a massive gate blocking the cave entrance. However, there is still a way into it.

The cave sits right on a landing looking out at the Holston River. You will find a boat landing, still highly used by local fishermen. It is very peaceful there and a great place to just think. The current owner is doing everything he can to block this cave off. Back in January of 2022, put up a chain across the public road to stop trespassers. However, he has no legal right to block off a public county road and the chain I believe is no longer there.

The Fun Of Taking The Backroads

For many people, they need to get from point A to B fast. For me and real adventurers, making the most from A to B, no matter how long it takes is fun. My trip to the Indian Cave in Blaine, takes me about 40 minutes going the route I drew out above. However, there is a shorter route as I mentioned, which makes the trip take 25 minutes. Although, the extra 15 minutes I added to my trip on the winding backroads was incredible. I got to see horse farms, miles of farm fence and beautiful homes.

Rolling land, blue skies and clouds were my constant scenery. This type of view just connects you with nature and the world. It is such a feeling that words just can’t describe it. No matter what vehicle you use, driving around the countryside is very relaxing and makes you appreciate life. Day-to-day life, often makes you resent other drivers and people. You know, creates a road rage because usually you are in a hurry. Taking a nice adventure on the backroads can change that. There are many nice people that will throw up a hand to wave as you drive by. The scenery speaks for itself and causes a trend to slow down a bit.

Indian Cave In BlaineI made this adventure to the Indian Cave in Blaine, on my 1986 Honda Nighthawk 450. This is the same bike that I road over the Atchafalaya Bridge in Louisiana back in 1989. It is my trusty steed I take on these little getaways. But no matter if it is your favorite ride, car, truck or even a bicycle. Find these little adventures, they are usually all around where you live, all you have to do is look.

Shared Media For This Adventure

I found out but do not have any pictures or video yet. But there is a ferry to get across the Holston River nearby the area. Another reason to go back out and adventure.

I made a video of the trip, you can watch it HERE

Here are some pictures of this trip in a slide show. Click on any image to view the description of the image.


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  • My grandfather and his brother worked in the cave probably in the late 30s building walkways, My dad had a band in the late 60s and made music in the building every Wed, Fr. and Sat. night. Back then it was a popular place, Goerge Norton ran the snack bar. They used to have wagon trains on weekends , folks that had horses would camp for the weekend. Lots of history to that place over the years. Political figures would be there on 4th of July back in early 1900s. Polly Burgin used to stay in a Rock house across the river in Jeff County when she had no movie to work on.

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