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Steep Grades

Highway and Roads Grade Table

View United States highway and interstate grades by percentage and length in miles

Truckers, RV/Buss Drivers or anyone that is driving a heavy load needs to be aware of steep grades so we will constantly be continuing our efforts to supply information on steep grades and important road and highway information. The chart to the right is always being updated, either from constant research or from people like you, so Contact Us and keep us up to date.

We have thoroughly searched the Internet for one place that contains all highway and roadway information, especially “Steep Grades Info” and so far there isn’t one. So we have decided to make this one stop shop of information for everyone.

Knowing ahead of time about steep grades can be valuable. If your vehicle is older or hasn’t had maintenance done in a while, your brakes or engine may not get you down or up a mountainous area. We will also be providing a list of repair shops in and around these areas for your convenience.

We did find one supplier that has all collected highway information in the form of eBooks. They offer a sample of how their eBook work, the maps and information looks very helpful. The pricing is very reasonable as well, so feel free to check out this well put together DIRECTORY.

NameHighwayElevationMax GradeMiles
CO - Berthoud U.S. 40 11,315’ 6.1% N; 6% S 
CO - Cameron SH 14 10,276’ 3.8% E 
CO - Coal Bank  U.S. 550 10,640’ 6.5% 
CO - Cucharas SH 12 9,941’5.9% N; 5.4% S 
CO - Cumbres SH 17 10,022’ 6.3% 
CO - Dallas DivideSH 628,970’6.4% E; 5% W
CO - Douglas PassSH 1398,268’7%
CO - Eisenhower Tunnels Approaches  I-70 11,158’ 6% W 
CO - Fremont SH 91 11,318’ 5.7% 
CO - Gore SH 134  9,527’ 6.3% 
CO - Hoosier PassSH 9 11,541’ 8% N 
CO - IndependenceSH 82 12,095’6% 
CO - Kenosha U.S. 285 10,001’ 5.3% E 
CO - La Manga SH 17 10,230’ 5.2% 
CO - La Veta/North La VetaU.S. 1609,413’6%
CO - Lizard Head SH 145 10,222’ 4.1% 
CO - Loveland U.S. 6  11,992’ 6% 
CO - McClureSH 1338,755’8%
CO - Milner U.S. 34 10,758’ 5.4% 
CO - Molas U.S. 550 10,910’ 7% + 
CO - Monarch  U.S. 50 11,312’ 6.4% 
CO - Mt.EvansSH 514,150’9%-15% 
CO - Muddy U.S. 408,772’5.60%
CO - North/North Cochetopa SH 114 10,149’ 6% 
CO - PonchaU.S. 2859,010’ 3%
CO - Rabbit EarsU.S. 409,426’ 6.8% N
CO - RatonI-257,834’6%
CO - Red Hill  U.S. 285 9,993’ 6% 
CO - Red Mountain U.S. 550 11,018’ 7%+ 
CO - Slumgullion PassSH 149 11,361’ 9.4% N; 7.9% S 
CO - Spring Creek SH 149 10,901’ 7.5% 
CO - Squaw SH 103 9,807’ 6% 
CO - Tennessee U.S. 24 10,424’  6% 
CO - Trail Ridge High Point U.S. 34 12,183’ 5.4% 
CO - Trout Creek U.S. 24/2859,346’ 5.20%
CO - Ute U.S. 249,165’5.6% E
CO - Vail PassI-70 10,666’ 7% 
CO - Wilkerson U.S. 249,507’5.80%
CO - Willow Creek SH 125 9,621’6.3% 
CO - Wolf Creek U.S. 160 10,850’ 6.8% 
PennsylvaniaStoops Ferry Rd.10.5%0.45
PennsylvaniaHulton Rd.10%0.3
IdahoLewiston Hill6-7%7
IdahoWhitebird Hill7%7
OregonSiskiyou Summit5-6.4%7
TennesseeI-75 KY/TN line5-6%4
VirginiaWytheville I-777%10
ArizonaAsh Fork I-406%6

This list can grow if you will help. If you know of steep grades, send us in the information and it will be added here. 

Mountain Directory eBooks

This is vital information for anyone driving a large or heavy vehicle of any kind in an attempt to make steep grades and mountain driving a little safer for truckers and vacationers with RV’s. Find out where the Steep Grades are before you get there, this directory is a must for anyone driving a heavy vehicle...

Highway traveling can be exciting and a really fun adventure, but it also can be a dangerous venture. For those that are truck drivers, people with RV's or those just hauling a heavy load in your big dually. Knowing what is up ahead can be really important. Steep grades on the Interstates and Highways have been known to take many lives and cause severe accidents.

It seems trying to find one location for all road information isn't that easy. Here on "Trucks On Triangles" we are trying to compile as much information to have in one easy to find location, to help protect highway travelers.

This will be a forever growing list and we expect it to grow larger and faster with your help. Anyone that drives for a living or just frequently travels and is aware of steep grades and runaway ramps, please send us that info and we will add it to out table. Just go to the Contact Page..

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