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One Stop Shop For All Road And Hwy Information

One Stop Shop For All Road And Hwy Information

its a long and winding road
bridge low clearance locations
watch for falling rocks

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People travel every day, for work, for fun or whatever the case may be. Our roadways are so much better than how they started out but there is still dangers on the open roads. Steep grades on the highways, sharp turns, road conditions, low underpasses and more.

These are the things we want to share with everyone on this site and honestly it can’t be done by one group of people, we need everyone’s help. On a less grim side, there are places all over that are beautiful and need to be shared so everyone can see.

We would like you to join and become a member to share photos, videos, stories, alerts and anything else that would be worth putting all in one place about your highway adventures. If you live in an area that trucks are always getting stuck under that train bridge or you live in an area where trucks often have to use the runaway ramps, tell us about it.

If you are heading down the interstate and see a section of it blocked because of a rock slide, tell us about it. Maybe you know some beautiful country driving where you live you would want to share. Even if you hear about your local police or highway patrol having events on safety, let’s hear about it.

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Log in and go to the Members Area where you can upload your fantastic pictures of dangerous to most beautiful roads and related scenery. Upload your videos as we will be posting them in our blogs, so please share a story along with your pictures. There are roads all over the world and many people would be amazed at some of the scenery that they never knew existed right in their area.

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