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Dangerous Roads

Were you aware that there are some roads without guardrails of any kind, that will allow you to fall to your death? Know of any such ridiculous roads, that you are surprised they are still being used? See some examples of the craziest and extremely dangerous roads around. Some environments cause some scary road conditions that are not safe. There are many kinds of dangers such as blind hills or turns, slick roads, roads without signs or markings, roads with frequent rock falls and then those scary roads on hills with no guard rails.

So what constitutes a dangerous road? As you will see in the picture slider below, those roads could be considered the extreme of dangerous. So roads and highways that teeter right on the edge of a cliff with no guardrail is most definitely a prime candidate but let’s look at other scenarios.

Dead end roads that are not marked in anyway can be doubly dangerous. If you are not really paying attention to your speed and have it in the back of your mind that the road keeps going, you may not catch that the road might just run straight into a person’s yard. Especially if the yard and road are at the exact same height and smoothly transition and the double danger is, not only are you now in danger of being hurt but threatening a family that lives in the house you are fixing to drive right through. It is always important to report such a condition if you ever run across an unmarked dead end road.

Then there are always the blind hills that don’t reveal that as soon as you top the peak, the road swiftly takes a hard sharp turn to the right or left or even a 4 way intersection. I have also seen roads that in the middle of the turn, a private driveway that has been paved as wide as the road, creates a hesitation in the drivers mind on which way to go in what seems like a fork in the road. Most all roads and highways are constructed with a concave to them. They are ever slightly rounded, high in the middle so that water and road oils will run off. However there are some roads that are low in the middle and to make it more of a nightmare, running parallel with railroad tracks that supplies plenty of a slick substance. Now where this condition is like a horror film for drivers is that if you are driving on such a road and it begins to rain, well you would have about the same chance of getting traction on ice.

Railroad crossings on roads is high on the list of being dangerous. Many small roads do not have crossing gates or lights and sadly the railroads will not install them until enough people have been hurt or killed. Railroad crossings are also dangerous to motorcycle riders due to the angle the tracks run across the road, how much oily substance are on the crossing area, especially when wet and I have seen some crossings that the gaps between the track and the road are either extremely wide or wide and uneven. This condition can cause a motorcycle tire to get caught in the gap or cause the rider to lose control depending on his speed and visibility of the danger.

Any time you see these conditions, roads that do not have markings or lines or know of a road that has a high fatality rate possibly due to weather conditions. Please notify your transportation department, DOT and let them know. Remember, for those that have kids that aren’t driving yet, the more we can make our roads and highways safer, the more we protect our families.

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