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Welcome to Trucks On Triangles

Whether driving for that family vacation, a pleasurable drive through the mountains, or as part of a job… there inevitably comes a time when you see the “trucks on triangles” sign. (at least here in the United States).

This site is dedicated to providing information to anyone that uses the highways and byways. It can be very important to know of low underpasses or steep grades. To know where a good place to eat is or even a good repair shop is. Our intent is to offer a one stop shop of information to help you keep safe and make your driving experience a pleasant one.

We want this site to be an interactive one, share your story to tell of calm relaxing cruises or heart pounding terror. Share your pictures and videos that help tell the tales entered by you. Oh yeah, and maybe some links to that brake shop at the bottom of the hill and the store that sells pry bars to pry your hands off of the steering wheel (or handle bars).

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They Are Here To Help

Highway Patrol Help and Contact Information

When out on the open road away from home and in the middle of nowhere, it can be a lonely place. People often feel that the highway Patrol are just out to write tickets but that is so far from the truth. These men and women are your friends when you have none. They are there to make the highways safe and serve you whenever you are in need.

View all 50 States’ Highway Patrol Sites with important information on how to get help either from an emergency or just needing directions.

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For any highway and byway travelers, you are facing some unknowns ahead. Truck Drivers and RV Drivers, steep grades and low underpasses can put an end to your trip fast.

It’s best to know what lies ahead in an advance. There are many GPS’ maps and apps out there that are excellent for alerting you of all these dangers but sometimes the word of mouth can be just as effective.

Become a member and signup to share your road and highway experiences. By sharing your stories, alerts, pictures and videos, you are helping others by sharing information that may not be found on an App or other devices.

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